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We need very basic information from you about your house. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and overall condition of the property is needed. We will also ask you how long you have owned your home and if there are any mortgages or liens against the property. ...

Every homeowners situation is unique. So is the process by which our Cash Home buying Specialists determine what they are willing to offer for a home. The things we take into consideration include the age and condition of a home, costs of needed repairs, what other homes are in the area are selling for and how long it is taking to sell those homes. These and several other factors are researched to determine a fair cash offer.

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What happens if my house is in pre-foreclosure?

We work FAST to ensure that your house doesn't go to foreclosure. We present you with a FAIR offer that can include us bringing your mortgage payments current or paying off your mortgage and giving you money at closing. We help save your credit, avoid foreclosure, and allow you to sell your house FAST and FAIR. Due to recent legislation, within a certain period of time before your foreclosure sale date, we will introduce you to a Foreclosure Consultant. The legislation mandates that if you are within this certain window that a foreclosure consultant must explain to you all of your options involved in selling your home.Wecanhelpyou....

What happens if I am in bankruptcy?

We work with your bankruptcy attorney to present a FAIR offer and give you additional money at closing. We present the offer directly to your attorney and work to have the offer accepted by the bankruptcy court. Once the offer is accepted, we ensure that the bankruptcy is released and we buy the property as soon as possible.

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On the day we buy your house, your mortgage is fully paid. By law, the professional settlement company that conducts the closing MUST payoff your mortgage and any other liens before they distribute the remainder of your money. In some cases, we will work to help restore credit by bringing your mortgage current and leaving it in place when we purchase it. In these transactions, we purchase your property, leave your mortgage in place to make on time payments to your lender, and the professional settlement company distributes the remainder of your money. This is only done when the seller requests it ...

A closing date is the day that both you as the seller, and Express Home-buyers as the buyer, meet and settle the obligations of a purchase agreement. This is when we buy your house. The closing takes place at a professional settlement company.

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